April 01, 2021 at 12:56pm | Marcie Ellison
Happy April, friends! Spring has certainly officially sprung cross the Treasure Valley! Part of keeping our finger on the pulse of our local real estate market involves monitoring the happenings and changes across the valley. Here's our monthly snapshot of some of the stories that caught our eye this month.

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Even COVID-19 Can't Stop Idaho's Economic Boom
Source: US NewsThe title of this article pretty much sums up what we're seeing (and feeling) across the valley. Regardless of the various trials and tribulations the pandemic has brought about - Boise is booming! And the growth isn't limited to the Treasure Valley but is being felt throughout the state. Coeur d'Alene has seen its population grow by 10% in the past five years. And while most job markets were shrinking during the pandemic, Idaho Falls saw non-farm employment grow by nearly 5% in 2020 which according to the U.S. Department of Labor is among the highest in the nation. Read the  full article here.


New Entertainment Venue Planned for Meridian: Topgolf
Source:  BoiseDev

There have been rumors circulating for the past few years that a "Topgolf-style" entertainment venue was making it's way to our area - and now it sounds like it is indeed in the works. To learn more about  TopGolf (which really is fun for both experienced golfers and beginners) check out the full article here.


How Boise Become One of the Nation's Great Food Cities
Source:  Inside Hook

For most, when they think of the nation's greatest cities for foodies, cities such as New York, New Orleans, Chicago and Nashville come to mind - not necessarily Boise. But according to this recent article, Boise is certainly "making a name for itself with a range of impressive restaurants and cuisines" (and we agree).


'The City Sells Itself': Ada County Housing Market Sees Stark Difference in Year-Over-Year Data
Source:  KTVB

As we have been discussing for months - the Boise area is positively booming. This recent news story does a good job summarizing what we are seeing and experiencing every day. The key for success is to find a qualified, trustworthy and experienced real estate professional who you can openly discuss your goals with to form an actionable game plan that meets your needs. Our door is always open to chat with you - contact us anytime.


Boise Rolls Our New Incentives to Attract New Airport Destinations 
Source: BoiseDev

According to this article, officials at the Boise Airport are trying to roll out some new incentives to help Idahoans take off to explore new destinations. Target destinations include Orlando, Boston, Honolulu and Anchorage. At this point, I think we are all craving a bit more travel and adventure! Get all the details in the full article here.


50,000 Rainbow Trout to be Stocked in Southwest Idaho Waters
Source: KTVB

Fishers rejoice! 50,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout that were originally destined for Idaho restaurants are instead being put into fishing waters. Read the   full article here.


How Boise Became a Sanctuary for Refugees and Their Cuisine
Source: Atlas Obscura

Here's a colorful article that highlights some of what has been done throughout the Boise metro area to help refugees and immigrants. This article features several local restaurants, as well as some established agencies such as the Idaho Office of Refugees which organizes everything from Refugee Restaurant Week (held each October in Boise) to cross-culinary cooking classes taught by “neighbors with immigrant and refugee backgrounds.” Read the full article here.


Boise & the Pandemic Churn: After Restaurants Closed, Nearly as Many Opened
Source: Idaho StatesmanWhile COVID-19 has caused the vast majority of industries to make some quickfire changes - among those hardest hit were/are dine-in restaurants. A year ago the outlook was bleak - and unfortunately a number of restaurants were forced to close their doors. According to this article though some are finding their way to re-open or even open for the first time.


Boise Tourism Industry Leaders Have Reasons to Believe Amid Uncertainty
Source:  KTVB

Similar to the restaurant industry, the hotel & lodging industry has also had quite a rollercoaster of a year. Pulling from research by Smith Travel Research, this KTVB article notes that Boise's hotel occupancy declined from 70.4% in 2019 to 53.1% in 2020 - but there's also ample reason to feel optimistic about the future. Read the  full article here.


COVID's Imapct on Downtown Boise: Can Recovery Occur?
Source: Idaho Statesman

If you have been in downtown Boise lately, you have undoubtedly noticed a number of changes. While the Treasure Valley is indeed booming - and has enticed many retailers to flock to new flourishing areas (such as the Village in Meridian) - the area historically referenced to as BoDo area has undeniably suffered some setbacks. This article discusses how our valley's growth and COVID have impacted the downtown area - and what recovery (and/or an eventual "boom") may look like.


How to Spend Perfect Long Weekend in Beautiful Boise, Idaho
Source: Travel AwaitsHere's a fun piece covering one visitor's experience spending a long weeknd in Boise. "Boise may be one of the most delightfully surprising destinations you’ll ever visit. It’s full of local charm while having a cosmopolitan feel. The capital and largest city of Idaho, it’s got all the buzz of a great college town while also providing unique cultural and historical attractions. There’s plenty to see, do, and taste for lovers of food, art, history, nature, culture, and more." Read the full article here.


Our Updated 2021 Guide to Boise & the Surrounding Treasure Valley
Source: KTVB

Curious how well-acquainted you are with the 9 largest cities that make up the Treasure Valley? Perhaps you have friends or family contemplating relocating to the area (or just moving within the valley). Here's our complimentary 100-page guide to our wonderful valley. Enjoy!


What's Happening In and Around Boise: Calendar of Events
Source: Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau

As we forge into spring 2021, the community's events continue to be reformatted to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Check out the variety of fun (and safe) events that our wonderful city continues to provide by visiting   this great calendar that outlines a number of events that are currently planned for the month of March (and beyond).


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