One of the many charming characteristics of Boise is the love and support we show our local businesses.  I’m sure many cities can say the same thing, but I think Boise is a little different.  With the cost of living so affordable, many residents are able to take the leap to fulfill the American Dream: doing what they love, not just for a hobby, but as a career!

We want to highlight one local business that makes the Treasure Valley such a gem:  Alliance Dog Training. 

Dogs, simply put, are the BEST; man and women’s best friend.  But, as you know dogs take a lot of work and patience.  And if you are busy or haven’t experienced training a dog before, it can be a little overwhelming.  Thankfully there are local individuals who have the patience and skills to help your dog succeed! 

Shawna Dowd is a recent California transplant (welcome to the best city ever, Shawna).  With extensive experience in dog training in San Diego, Shawna wanted to bring the same expertise to the dog lovers of Idaho. 

She has an impressive resume with over 9 years of training experience.

In San Diego, Shawna worked with the Wounded Warriors, Paw’sitive Teams, San Diego Department of Animal Services, San Diego Humane Society, and the Australian Shepherd Rescue SoCal.

She has wasted no time to find a local cause to support and now sits on the Board of Directors for Meridian Canine Rescue as their behavior and training expert.  Shawna says that her goal is to improve the lives of the dogs, write policy for enrichment and general well-being, and be there as a resource for those who adopt a pup and give them a second chance.

With such a wide-range of skills and a love for dogs, it is no surprise that Shawna wanted to start her own dog training business, Alliance Dog Training.  Her favorite cases are the difficult ones where she must think out of the box to really help the dog succeed.  She has been trained in rally obedience, agility, and scent work, so she is well equipped to handle whatever a dog throws at her.  Even more unique, Shawna is willing and able to address dogs who have had a background of biting. 

To learn more about the amazing work Shawna has been doing in the Treasure Valley, visit her website or follow Alliance Dog Training on Facebook or Instagram.


We are excited to continue showcasing other local businesses that the Treasure Valley has to offer.  If you have suggestions for a local business to showcase, please email


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