Located on the corner of Chinden and Linder in Meridian, the Cotton Mill Boutique sits nestled in a booming shopping and dining area. 

Nicole Schell and Kylie Pickup, two sisters with impeccable style and an eye for detail, have been keeping Meridian beautiful for over 10 years as hair stylists at the Red Stiletto Hair Salon.  You would expect them to receive countless compliments on their hair, and they do, but their outfits really steal the show.  Every day Nicole and Kylie don unique and unexpected outfits that work PERFECTLY and have everyone asking, “where can I get that outfit?”    Nicole and Kylie realized they were sending their clients and friends to countless other stores to get their “style;” why not send them to their OWN STORE!?  And so friends, that is just what they did. 

Nicole and Kylie started the Cotton Mill Boutique to showcase their unique style; a mix of cowgirl, bohemian, hippie, and a flair of Indian… “CowBoHippDian.”  Walking into the Cotton Mill Boutique always makes me giddy.  Every detail is executed to perfection; the brick accent walls, darling light fixtures, old barn door, meat grinders as hooks in the dressing room… like I said, perfection!  What makes the décor even more impressive is the fact that Nicole and Kylie did everything themselves; hung every sign and nailed every board.









Now for the items that fill the store!  The jewelry, purses, and home décor are handmade by locals and the clothes are unlike any pieces you’d find in another store.  They are receiving new items every week; so whenever you shop at the Cotton Mill Boutique, you are bound to fall in love with something!

Have you wished for a personal shopper and stylist?  Someone to piece together exceptional outfits that make everyone stop in their tracks and ask “where did you find that?”  Sounds great, right?  Well look no further than the Cotton Mill Boutique. Nicole and Kylie love creating one-of-a-kind outfits that get countless double takes for each and every customer.

So come on in, get branded by the Cotton Mill Boutique, and support an amazing local business.  Learn more about the Cotton Mill Boutique by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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