Cookies make the world a better place… and so does RoRo’s Cookies! 

Six years ago, Rose Gebran, moved with her husband and two kids to Eagle, Idaho.  With a new community to call home, Rose had it in her heart to do something that would truly make a difference.  After a long day in March, Rose had a tasty idea that would marry her love of cookie art with her desire to pay it forward; and that idea was RoRo’s Cookies.

Rose believes that inside each of us is the desire to give back, but sometimes we just don’t know how.  Every few months, Rose selects a charity to be the recipients of the proceeds from her cookie sales.  So when you purchase her deliciously delectable, delicately designed cookies, not only are you giving back to your community, you are getting a real treat!

Currently, all proceeds from cookie sales are being sent to Create Common Good in Boise.  Their mission is to “…empower adults with barriers to employment through foodservice training and job placement assistance.”  In the previous months, RoRo’s Cookies and their supporters raised $1,000 for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance in Boise. 

Rose has received support from her husband, family, friends, the ladies in her women’s group, and now local businesses!  You can show your support by ordering some of her cookies that are almost too cute to eat (almost 😉) and by following her on Facebook and Instagram

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