This week our local business spotlight is all about an amazing nonprofit organization in the Treasure Valley: 
Giraffe Laugh


Each day we are inspired by the organizations that positively impact the Treasure Valley.  This year, Jonna Weber Real Estate has selected Giraffe Laugh to be one of the recipients of our 2017 donations; a portion of the proceeds from each home purchased or sold.

But why Giraffe Laugh?

For 25 years, Giraffe Laugh has been committed to building a community where little ones can learn, thrive, and build a foundation for success.  Each day they educate and nurture 200 Treasure Valley children in their four locations.

Their vision is to provide “quality early care and education and ensure that all parents are supported through the early years of parenthood regardless of age or income.”

Giraffe Laugh is not a day care.  It is a community that focuses on early childhood education and parent education through their centers, food pantry, and programs.  They are truly making an impact in our Valley and changing the lives of families.

Your next question might be, “why is early childhood education so important?”

69% of 3-4 year olds in Idaho are not in any kind of education program.

Ensuring children have access to early childhood education could help:
Improve Graduation Rates:  In 2015, 21% of High School graduates did not graduate on time
Increase Reading Levels:  In 2015, 64% of 4th graders were not proficient in reading
Reduce Child Abuse:  1,600 cases of child abuse are reported every year in Idaho
Reduce Teen Pregnancy:  In 2014, 23 teen births per 1,000 Idaho Teens
Less Tax Dollars:  For every $1 invested in early childhood education, tax payers save up to $16

Did You Know?
-Learning begins in the crib.  At birth, the brain is 25% developed and by age 5, it is 90% developed.  The fastest rate of brain development occurs during the first five years.
-Over 1,600 children are abused or neglected in Idaho every year.  Child abuse is lower when parents are empowered and educated.
-1 in 5 children go to bed hungry every night in Idaho.

Giraffe Laugh is building a strong Treasure Valley by ensuring school readiness, empowering families, and building strong futures!

We are so thankful for all that they are doing for our community!
If you’d like to get involved with Giraffe Laugh with us, please reach out or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or visit their website!


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